Beano! Beano! Bingo!

Bingo! Again somebody cracked the code and won the game that is now called Bingo. But have you ever wondered how this popular lottery game started out? Well let us take you back into time to 16th century Europe.

Italy was unified in 1530, and shortly after a lottery was organized which was held every Saturday until the present. This lottery was called Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia which can be translated as "the game Lotto of Italy." The game was also introduced to the French people around 1770 and it was then called Le Lotto. Le Lotto was very popular amongst intellectuals and high society.

In the 1800s lotto games made its way to the other parts of Europe, particularly Germany where lotto was a aid for children where they were learning about numbers, animals and other things. We can almost say that lotto came to America by default. A carnival made its way to America via Germany, and coincidentally, that is where the pitchman came across the lottery game and decided to use it as a tent game.

It was then when the pitchman changed a few rules and named the game Beano. It was very successful and the crowds were very excited playing the game. The game was played with wooden disks where the numbers where on. Once a number is called aloud and players have the number called, they would place a bean on that number. If any player was able to fill a line of numbers the player would should "Beano!"

It was one night in 1929 somewhere near Atlanta where the carnival was set up. On this night, New York toy salesman, Edwin S. Lowe was tempted by the lights of the carnival and decided to take a peek. It was only the Beano booth that remained open and full of shouting and excited people. Ed Lowe was not able to play that night, but watched how the crowd reacted and how the game is played.

Once Ed Lowe returned to New York, and brought with him dried beans, cardboard and some rubber stamps. He invited his friends and tried the game. His guests were just as excited to play the game, until suddenly one friend jumped out stuttering Bingo! Instead of Beano! Ed Lowe named the game Bingo and it was a popular bestseller. This accident made the game we now call bingo and which is enjoyed all over the world in the same frenzy as it used to be at the carnival then.