Bingo: Bringing Your Mental 'A' Game

One of the more common problems bingo newcomers encounter is missing out a chance to mark a square on their card. This often leads to bigger headaches such as losing a game entirely. As most seasoned bingo players will tell you, focus and concentration is the key to playing a good game of bingo.

Repeated and frequent play has honed the mental skills of bingo veterans, so it comes as no surprise that missed calls are quite uncommon for them.

If you're on the other side of the pond and finding yourself slapping your forehead in frequent occasions because of missed calls, then read on. The succeeding tips below might help you focus more and thus win more while playing bingo.

One tip you've probably heard of on numerous occasions is to get some exercise. Not only will regular exercise do wonders for your physical health, but it'll help you concentrate better and sharpen your mental skills.

Bingo relies on concentration and focus, so what better way to help you out in your bingo games than a proper exercise regime. Emphasis on the words "regular" and "proper" though, as studies show that a six minute aerobic exercise won't cut it for bingo players.

The next tip is to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the winning pattern before the game starts. It also helps to predaub all the spaces or squares not included in the pattern, this way you won't have to worry yourself of unnecessary numbers.

If you're finding it hard to keep up with the caller, just imagine that it'll be doubly hard if you haven't remembered to check for the winning pattern. Beginners seem to forget that in some games, a lot of the squares don't need to be taken into account.

As an example, if the winning pattern forms a "picture frame", then all the numbers not along the card's edges are unnecessary for this particular game. Only those spaces along the edges of the card should be kept in mind. Predaubing the spaces not needed can give the player a slight advantage, especially if the player has a lot of cards in play.

Once you've honed your mental skills, predaubing might not make that much of a difference anymore since you're already familiar with the patterns due to repeated play.

Eventually, through repeated play, the player's mental skills will be developed and sharpened. Missed calls will come fewer and far between.