Bingo: Superstitions, Beliefs and Luck

Bingo -- like most other gambling games -- is a game of chance. The odds of winning in a bingo game is mostly attributed to pure "dumb luck". There is no explaining it, sometimes you're on a roll and sometimes you're down in the gutter with your bank account swallowed whole by bad luck.

Although some people might seem to have Lady Luck as their constant companion, there's no way possible that a bingo winning streak would last forever.

Since luck plays a major role in playing bingo, a lot of seasoned bingo players have resorted to using lucky charms, lucky seats, lucky numbers, almost anything they think can bestow upon them good luck. So what exactly are these lucky items mentioned above? Well, that's what this article is all about.

First up are lucky charms. You have to admit that people will do almost anything that can improve their odds of winning. These often include bringing with them lucky charms. Based on statistics collated in the past, three out of four people believe in good luck charms. Bingo players are a great example of those 75 percent who strongly believe in good luck charms.

For bingo players, these lucky charms can take on the form of a lot of things. From the more obvious four leaf clovers and rabbit's feet, to the seemingly bizarre troll dolls, beanbag animals and whatnot -- anything you can think of, chances are you'll spot one on a bingo table.

Next in line are lucky seats. A well known unwritten rule in a bingo hall is to give way to people who claim the chair you're sitting on is their lucky seat. Bingo players will often go to great lengths just to have their lucky seat. First time bingo players or newcomers to a particular bingo hall ought to give up the chair and find their own lucky seat.

There is no possible proof that particular chairs are lucky though. For one, it's just a matter of preference. If people feel comfortable in their seat, then by all means that could be considered as their lucky seat.

Next up are lucky numbers. Bingo players usually have numbers they consider as lucky. It depends from player to player. This belief is mostly attributed to a particular number being the cause of a win for a player. Of course, one player's lucky number may be another one's curse.

So there you have it. Luck or lack of it does indeed influence bingo games. What better way to increase your luck than bringing in your own lucky charms, sitting in your own lucky seat and having your own lucky number.