Mean what you say in Online Bingo

The Internet has provided Bingo players to enjoy another Bingo game version. Though the online version of the game is almost the same as the Bingo games held at Bingo session halls, Internet Bingo has even more enhanced features which Bingo players like you should be prepared for.

Though it is nothing to be scared about as these features are relatively easy to grasp, it is essential that an online Bingo player should be well-aware of the online game's additional features, one of which is Bingo Chat. Doing this could make or break your performance in the Bingo game. So, start your future off on the right foot in the online Bingo world by getting familiar with some Bingo Chat terms.


AFK is "Away from the Keyboard." If you feel like you need to take a break or you have to accomplish something, then, type this term.


This term has been used in everyday conversation, which means "As soon as possible" to express a sense of urgency.


BBL and BBIAM mean the same thing. BBL is "Be back later" while "BBIAM" means "Be back in a minute." Another way is "BRB," which means "Be right back."


Failure does not mean the end of the world. That is why it is very helpful to send this to your fellow players who were not able to grab the winning for today. "BLNT" means "Better luck next time."


"FYI" is "For your information." If you feel like telling your pals something, this term could be a good way of denoting that you want to express a fact or useful information to them.

G and GJ

This is a good way to appreciate the accomplishments of other online Bingo players. G means "Great" while "GJ" is "Good Job."

GL2U, GL2U2 and GLE1

To wish someone luck, type GL2U or "Good Luck to you. To wish them back, send "GL2U2" or "Good Luck to you, too. And to wish everyone the best of luck, then send them "GLE1" or "Good Luck everyone."


When sharing something hilarious, the usual response would be "LOL," which means "Laugh out loud" and "LMAO" or "Laughing my ass off." Other players would prefer to use "ROFL". This means "rolling on the floor laughing.'


After a game, sending "SYS" message to your Bingo pals implies that you are looking forward to having a good Bingo time with them again. This means "See you soon."

TY and TNX

To express gratitude, saying "Thank you" can be done by typing "TY" and "TNX."